UniGo 7006 Downloads

All documents, firmware, computer software etc. for your UniGo 7006 can be downloaded from this page. 

How to update your UniGo 

All you need to update your unigo is a USB cable and a computer. No special software is needed.

  • Download the latest firmware version for your UniGo model by clicking the link below. 
  • Copy the update file into the folder called "Firmware" on the UniGo drive using the USB cable. 
  • Once the files is transfered, disconnect the USB cable.
  • A screen will pop up on your UniGo confirming a new firmware is found. 
    Press OK to start the update. The update process will start and finish automatically.

UniGo Firmware

UniGo 7006 ver. 1.38.001

Manuals and quickguides

UniGo Quick Guide - Run and Analyse (rev 1)

UniGo Quick Guide - Tracks and Receivers (rev 1)

UniGo 7006 Quick Guide

Computer software for analysis

This version of Unipro Analyser software is specifically tailored to the UniGo series of laptimers.

Windows 7 and up

Mac OS X 10.10 and up

AppImage for Linux



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