Unigo 7006 laptimer and datalogger for karting

Laptimer and datalogger for karting – UniGo 7006

The UniGo 7006 is the optimal laptimer and datalogger for karting

It has all the features needed by professional kart drivers and teams. The features includes:

  • Ground breaking built-in GPS reciever with 100 Hz updates and 3-axis of accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, which enables 3D tracking of the gokart.
  • All relevant communication channels: WiFi (as client for teams or access point for drivers), Bluetooth, BLE, CAN, NFC, USB cable or USB flash key. Very fast transfer speed.
  • Connect sensors directly: Flexible inpust lets you connect 2 temparatures, RPM, trigger, analog, digital, speed, Lambda, IR Box or BLE sensors (f.ex. heart rate sensor).
  • Many built-in sensors: Air pressure, humidity, steering wheel position, battery voltage, light sensor, enviroment temperature and time.
  • Huge memory with 4 GB space for datalogging with up to 60 Hz. Ready for free firmware updates.
  • Advanced graphic display with high resolution and 16 gray tones, adjustable backlight and extra thick protection glass.
  • MyLaps X2 Link ready: Get your own race position, gap to leader and driver in front of you and official lap time (only in races using MyLaps Link).
  • Free advanced analysing software for Windows and Mac.

The UniGo 7006 sets new barriers for what to expect of a laptimer and datalogger for karting!

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