USB cable for 6002,6003,7002,7003

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The USB cable is used for data transfer from a Laptimer 6002/6003 and 7002/7003 to a computer. The transfer will included all the data in the Laptimer, that is lap times, setup and all logged data.

Note: this cable does not work with the UniGo series. It can damage both laptimer and computer if used incorrectly.

Used for: Download and update of the laptimer

Cable length: 2 meter

Connector on mainbox: USB

Connector type : USB type A and 4-pole

Material: Plastic

The time needed to transfer the data is only 5 seconds for a Laptimer 6003 and nearly 23 seconds for a Laptimer 7003.

The cable is supplied without the swivel nut to make it very fast to plug it into the Laptimer. We have made the cable 2 meters long so the Laptop is not needed to be placed on the kart itself.

Please notice the cable is also needed to update the software in the Laptimer. With the help of a small program, everybody can easily update the Laptimer with the latest features and functions.

The USB cable is used in the connector marked USB in the Laptimer.