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UniTire combines many new ideas not seen before in a tire pressure gauge. First of all, it is very precise. Instead of a normal air hose between the handle and the gauge, UniTire use a flexible cable. That means that all the air that is normally wasted in the hose, is no problem in UniTire.

The air pressure sensor is placed in the handle and no more air is wasted. The handle itself is angled in a way that allows for easy access to the tire valve and with dual valves for letting out air, the handle can be used by both left and right handed users. If you need to let a lot of air out, both buttons can be pressed at the same time.

The standard pressure range is 0-5 bar. Another unique feature is the stealth mode for “secret” tire pressure operation. No more need to try to hide the pressure gauge for prying competitors!

The UniTire – IR model is adding a infrared temperature sensor at the top for measuring tire and asphalt temperature.

Protection cover included.

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UniTire is a very precise, easy to use digital pressure gauge with infrared temperature sensor and many advanced features in high quality aluminium and elegant design.

Pressure range: 0 – 5 bar (72.5 psi)

Resolution: < 0.0002 bar (0.0029 psi)

Typical accuracy: < ±0.01 bar (0.145 psi)

Wasted air: 0.8 cm3 (0.05 inch3)

Temperature range: -40 .. +115 °C (-40 .. +239 °F)

Resolution: 0.02 °C (0.036 °F)

Accuracy: < ± 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) in the range 0 .. 60 °C (32 .. 140 °F)

Accuracy: < ± 1.5 °C (2.7 °F) in the range 60 .. 115 °C (140 .. 239 °F)

Pressure units: bar, mbar, psi, HPa, Torr

Temperature units: Celsius / Fahrenheit

Memory: 20 tires set including asphalt temperature

Dimensions: 72.5 x 104.3 x 19.0 mm (2.85” x 4.11” x 0.75”)

Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 4 gray tones, bottom view (6 o’clock)

Material: Anodized aluminium